About the church

St. Nikolas church

St Nikolas church was built in 1720-1739 in place of the ancient wooden church that had completely burnt down in 1719. The ancient gate that lead to a bridge over the Kamenka river also bear St. Nikolas name.



A church next to a gate that lead to important waterways was of a great significance as St Nikolas was worshiped as a patron and protector of travelers and seafarers. The church is very beautiful. The cube is decorated with a belt of small gables and a wide cornice. A narthex connects a church and a bell tower.
A bell tower is proportional, elegant, and its exterior is elaborately decorated.

We don’t know the name of the architect who built the church and the tower, but he definitely was a remarkable and highly gifted master who was well versed in contemporary architectural trends but preferred old Suzdal style.
DSC_0097Next to St. Nikolas church, there is a smaller “warm” or winter Nativity of Christ church that resembles a common residential house. Together, this two churches and the bell-tower form a beautiful architectural ensemble.