Icon-painting workshop

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The Icon-painting workshop is located in the Nativity of Christ church affiliated with St. Nikolas church that in its turn is an integral part of the Suzdal Kremlin ensemble. The head of the workshop is Father Andrey Davydov, who, in addition to being an arch-priest of both churches, is one of the most famous Russian iconographers. He has been working with the icons for more than 30 years.
 In Father Andrey’s workshop you can buy or order traditional Orthodox Christian icons of various sizes, subjects and topics. All his icons are painted with natural pigments on wood and gold-plated with the best quality gild. They might be painted with egg-tempera paints as well as in the unique ancient technique of encaustic (1st—6th Centuries A.D.). It’s worth mentioning that Father Andrey is one of the very few icon-painters who mastered that rare, enigmatic and painstaking technology.
 Individual and group tours as well as fresco-painting master-classes are also offered for those interested. Please make an appointment in advance.
 Workshop phones: 8 915 793 65 16 or 8 905 616 67 62