Fresco-painting master-classes

You are invited to attend our fresco-painting master-classes!
You have a unique opportunity to get into active icon-painting workshop and create a real fresco using natural pigments and ancient technology.
You will learn how to create frescoes using a unique technology of painting over wet plaster (alfresco, stucco).

Master-classes are conducted in a natural environment of an active icon-painting workshop. Your instructors are artists with a great and long experience in teaching fresco- and icon-painting (master-classes, courses, individual instructions) in Russia and abroad (Italy, Netherlands, USA).

At the beginning, you will get a review of how to make paints from natural pigments and following ancient recipes. For the attendees, there is a display in a workshop where you can see related materials and tools. Here you can grind minerals and prepare pigments, experiencing what it was to be an icon-painter in Old Russia!

We use old Greek, Spanish, and Russian frescoes as models for our practice. Depending on the length of the class (1 or 2 hours) you can choose simple or more complex topic for your fresco.





During the entire duration of the class, there is a sense of experimentation because you never know what the final result would look like: pigments on wet plaster change their colors all the time.

At the end, your panel with a fresco is framed and becomes a memorabilia. Create a meaningful gift that you can take home!

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You can sign up for our master classes by filling up the following form or by calling this number: +7 910 178-20-94


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